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Untitled 03 | Tarek Haddad
CUB Gallery

Untitled 03 | Tarek Haddad

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Untitled 03 - From Vesica Piscis series, 2017
Inkjet on photo paper
89 x 89 cm
Edition of 5

Tarek Haddad
BA in Photography, Notre Dame University (2017)

Tarek Haddad is a photography graduate from Notre Dame University-Louaize. His work questions both the intimate and collective relationship between humans and their surroundings, from personal possessions to the natural realm. During the last few years, he has participated in many group shows, and has been exhibited during the Beirut Art Fair, at CUB Gallery and at Galerie Janine Rubeiz, where he also held his first solo exhibition “Vesica Piscis” in 2017. Tarek was selected as a grantee for the 4th cycle of the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC)’s Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP) in 2017, and was recently selected for the SMArt Sustainable Mountain Art Residency in 2019 through Dar Al Mussawir.
Vesica Piscis explores the false dichotomy and the detachment of mankind from nature. Humans have perpetually sought separation and supremacy over nature. Civilizations have ravaged and plundered nature, regarding it as a utility and a resource. The photographs are an exploration of our estrangement from nature, our ambiguous definition of it, and our contradictory relationship with it through the use of symbolism, in equivocal grounds where the natural and the social construct overlap.

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