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Unstretched | Ramy Saad
CUB Gallery

Unstretched | Ramy Saad

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Unstretched, 2018
Cement and Plastic on Canvas
72 x 72 cm 

Ramy Saad
BA in Fine Arts, Lebanese University (currently enrolled)

Ramy Saad’s work is influenced by his childhood, having grown up in a picturesque village in the South of Lebanon where he was surrounded by organic shapes, colors and textures. Upon moving to Beirut he was faced with the harsher urban landscape comprised of concrete, wire cables and traffic which took his exploration of material to a new dimension in his art. This contrast played a vital role on his quest to develop a unique and personal artistic language. After enrolling in the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, he began to experiment with a wider range of materials that led him to broaden his perspective. In this process, Saad discovered his fascination with the fluidity of fabrics, the structure of nature, and the clarity of light. In his piece Unstretched, he used cement and plastic as a tool for him to abandon all social and artistic restrictions, as he goes back to the Paleolithic era where man only used what was available around him.

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