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Transform | Chantal Samra
CUB Gallery

Transform | Chantal Samra

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Transform, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
50 x 75 cm


Chantal Samra

BA in Fine Arts, Lebanese University (current)

As a currently enrolled fine arts student, Chantal is still experimenting with a variety of materials and styles, while leaning towards the use of acrylic and silicone. Samra is inspired by works that are surrealist, metaphysical and modern; anything that conveys a dreamlike or unnatural feeling. Her work could be interpreted in a number of ways, as she aims to convey multiple meanings. A focal aspect of her work is the uneasy feeling retained by the viewer such as the duality of opposing emotions and thoughts that make up everyday life. The bold objects presented in her work aim to transport one into their own mind and have them deduce a meaning of their own.

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