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Presence | Zeina Bacardi Sakr
CUB Gallery

Presence | Zeina Bacardi Sakr

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Presence, 2016
Oil on Canvas
96.5 x 108 cm


Zeina Bacardi Sakr
BA in Studio Arts, American University of Beirut (2015)

Sakr is a multidisciplinary artist, working predominantly as a sculptor and painter. In 2015, she received the M&C Saatchi MENA award for highest academic achievement in Fine Arts and Art History.  She exhibited Metaphysics of Presence, a series of oil paintings, at World Art Dubai in 2016. Her work is inspired by the aspects in life that tend to be disregarded and sheds light on matters that are cast away. Pushing the boundaries of the medium and experimentation is the core of her artistic practice. In her series Rapture, Purge and Presence, Sakr aims to convey the ‘turbulence and turmoil of life that tends to kidnap our spirit and distract us from the true essence of our existence’. Each painting in the series is titled according to the state or process it portrays. The artist experiments with the texture of the paint itself, using thickness and layering in some works while diluting it in others to the point where colors collide.

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