Placed Again | Vania N. Muriuki
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Placed Again | Vania N. Muriuki

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Placed Again - From People are Places series, 2018
Pastel and Charcoal on Paper
70 x 100 cm

Vania N. Muriuki
BA in Studio Art, American University of Beirut (2017)

Vania Muriuki is a Beirut-based multimedia artist from Nairobi. She uses painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and film to explore the different worlds in and around her with incessant wonder. The artist initially questioned one′s ability to interpret different notions of space, such as home. From it is born the series People Are Places in which she further investigates how human beings themselves can be perceived as explorable and defined spaces. In this project, the surface is regarded as a space that is filled and defined fully with the human being, making it a place. The place that a human being is, may be perceived differently by separate groups of people, just as a place is experienced differently by separate groups of people. Presenting a human as a place also presents them as an explorable territory and is a reminder that we never fully know another human being; every interaction is a journey of a deeper exploration of their being.

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