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My Medication and I | Serene Ghandour
CUB Gallery

My Medication and I | Serene Ghandour

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My Medication and I, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 100 cm

Serene Ghandour
BA in Fine Arts, Lebanese American University (2019)

Born in 1996 to a family of art enthusiasts and musicians, Serene Ghandour started drawing at a young age. Her appetite for art was reaffirmed upon graduating from high school in 2014 and enrolling in the Fine Arts program at the Lebanese American University where she won the fine arts certificate of excellence in 2018.
Serene was recently selected to be part of the 33rd Salon D′Automne at Sursock Museum where her work is currently being exhibited. Thematically, she is currently focusing on self-portraits and the process of self-discovery. By showing the audience the most intimate and socially “repelling” parts of herself, whether through self-deprecation, exaggeration, or satire, Ghandour questions and tests society’s threshold of tolerance and its judgment of how a person should be all the while being truthful to herself. To Ghandour, painting is a very intimate process and its not intended to please but to be interpreted individually.

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