Elsn Tears Up at Society's Funeral  | Elsn Lahoud
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Elsn Tears Up at Society's Funeral | Elsn Lahoud

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Elsn Tears Up at Society's Funeral - STEREOTYPED/Hors-Serie, 2017
Inkjet Print on Photo Paper
200 x 80 cm
Edition of 3

Elsn Lahoud
BA in Photography, Notre Dame University (2017)

In September 2016, Elsn won the Purple Lens award from Byblos Bank, for his series 'Ehtiyat' allowing him to exhibit his work STEREOTYPED the following year. His main interest in gallery work photography is mainly abstracts and portraits that
captivate stories that he fabricates from each photo.

Society, colored and shaped, has always been a subject of question to the artist. In this “nature-morte” inspired tableau, he explores an imaginary scenery of a distorted reality, that translates into the death of society labels and various stereotypes. Represented in a form of a capitalist shape (the black box), the viewer is invited to look at “the burial ceremony” of society, for the second time.

“I imagined myself going to the graveyard where society is resting (since to me society is already dead/non-existent), and instead of showing sympathy, I decided to burn it one more time.”


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