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CUB Gallery is an initiative by FFA Private Bank.
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EMIKO | Yasmeen Baz
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EMIKO | Yasmeen Baz

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EMIKO - From "o b s c u r e" series, 2018
Inkjet print on Kozo paper
32 x 46 cm
Edition of 5

Yasmeen Baz
BA in Photography, Paris College of Art (current)

Born in 1996, Yasmeen Baz was raised in Beirut before moving to Paris to continue her studies in photography at the Paris College of Arts. Her father was a war photographer and her mother deeply admired art. Baz’s family influenced her, as she grew up experimenting with everything she could find around her. Her work mostly involves re-imagining reality through abstraction. Her work consists of mixed media and photography as she mostly enjoys working with Photoshop. After starting off with mixed media, Baz later decided to follow her father’s footsteps by harvesting her interest in photography. 
In her series “o b s c u r e” all the photos originate from one photo. A photo of mountains from a plane view. The country is unknown. This photo is decomposed into different forms, following existing lines but also intuitively. The pieces of landscapes are isolated distorting the perspective and scale, from looking like a mountain to a rock, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in whatever they see.


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