Abo Ahmad | Salah Missi
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Abo Ahmad | Salah Missi

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Abo Ahmad, 2018
Pastel on Paper
65 x 65 cm

Salah Eddine Missi
BA in Architecture, Beirut Arab University (2015)
MA in Architecture, Beirut Arab University (2016)

Salah Eddine Missi, is a Lebanese architect holding a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He combines academia and practice by teaching at university and working on his own designs. Missi has participated in both local and international architectural competitions. Moreover, in his artistic practice he believes in the importance of conceptual art while trying to balance between abstract formation and aesthetics values. His work revolves around the human, and sheds light on social and psychological issues that people usually deal with, especially in Arab countries where authoritative policies prevail.

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